Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gone too long!!

Ahh...Internet access!
Something I apparantly always took for granted!

But, now I'm back! Yay!

I'll give a quick update of all the random things that have happened since March - ready!?

- We have moved...twice...
- We moved from a 3 bedroom in the middle of nowhere, to a 2 bedroom (gasp! with 5 kids!!) in my hometown, to a 'city' (I'm country, remember that folks!) house with SEVEN bedrooms! *exciting*
-My grandmother had a stroke...was diagnosed with cancer...and is now on a morphine drip to make her 'comfortable' all within the last two and a half weeks!  Sad...and tolling.

But that's life, right?

Full of changes...changes...changes...

...good ones...scary ones...exciting ones...dreaded ones...

...never ending changes!

But I am more than glad to be back!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day!!

This is my yard -right now- as we speak.

Well, this was my yard twenty minutes ago...the big boys went outside to 'sweep off the vans'. 

They tried. can't really even tell that this was all plowed just last night!

12" of snow!


I haven't blogged for a bit...mainly due just to the fact that nothing has really went on, nothing really creative has been done, and, well, I'm just been a little lazy! 

What can I say?
Lazy happens sometimes.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hair Styles

Okay, there's no point in this post other than so I can pin these pictures onto my Pinterest board.  

Lame, I know.

But my daughter is beautiful, with adorable hair...and, let's face it...if she can manage to sit still long enough for some of these, than she deserves to have them shown off! 
In my opinion, of course ;)

I've added some simple directions because I'm going to post these on my Pinterest board, and if someone else checks them out, they'll want a little more detail than just the crazy mom showing off her daughter's hairstyles ;)  All of these use simple techniques...english braids, or the basic french braid.  Both which have enough tutorials already on youtube, or can be googled with thousands of results.  

^^ This one just consists of five mini ponies in the front, which were just continuously split and joined with another split from a neighboring pony.  After doing this for three levels, I just gathered it all and pinned it into a pretty bun.  This one is easy, just time consuming.

^^ This one is a simple french braid, braided in a backwards 's' pattern instead of straight down the back, ending in a bun.  It is easy, and elegant...she was the prettiest girl at the Christmas concert!

^^This one is two french braids, braided at an angle (although it doesn't look like it in this photo).  They were braided to the very end of each one, and then combined in a messy bun with all the loose hair from the other side of her head.  

^^This is another one that looks more complicated than it is.  This is a simple french braid that 'ended' just below the ears and then I continued to braid it down.  I then took the remaining hair and separated it into two sections, braiding both sections. Then I took all three braids and combined them into one braid.

^^ This one is two french braids that stop at the 'halfway point' and then finished braided almost to the ends. They were then joined together and pinned in a crown shape, and the ends were let loose to join the rest of her hair.

^^ This is a simple french braid, braided as a headband across the front, with the rest of the hair loose in the back.

^^  For this Valentine's day 'do, I took hair from the front and crown and put it in a pony (see red band).  Then I split it into two sections, braided both with a simple English braid and flopped them down in front of her face while I proceeded to pull the rest of her hair into a pony.  Then I just took my hairpins and arranged the two braids in a heart shape with the point ending at the pony, where the rest was combined with the ponytail.  

^^  This technique is an original "Annie Creation".  It's top secret, but we decided to show it off so that everyone can be jealous!

Friday, March 15, 2013

First Post

The first post. 
Every blog has to have one.
I can't speak for other bloggers, but I can say that I am finding myself sitting here wondering what on Earth I'm supposed to write about. I mean, I had 5,000 ideas just a few minutes ago...but here I am, post numero uno, and nothing in particular comes to mind.

I guess I'm supposed to use this time and space to introduce myself.  
Well, my name is Heather...I'm a 20-something year old mama to five (yes, five) kids who I swear begin each day by plotting to see what they can do to drive me up the wall next.  You see, these little buggars are all VERY close in age (with the exception of my oldest).  Current ages in this household are 10, 5, 4, 23 months, and 9 months.  
Yeah, I know...I'm crazy.  I hear that a lot.
And trust me...when one smuggles the green sprinkles out of the kitchen when I'm not looking and comes out of their bedroom ten minutes later looking like Fiona or Shrek I am aware of that level of craziness.

But they're mine (maybe a little too much mine) and I love them dearly, even when I'm wishing it was legal to duct tape them to the wall. 

They're crazy.
I'm crazy.
We're all just a little crazy around here.

And not a day goes by that they don't drive me up the wall...

And I wouldn't have it any other way.